Walla Walla Valley Bands Ensembles

Concert Band

The Concert Band makes up the core of the Walla Walla Valley Bands’ program and is its flagship ensemble. This is a full symphonic band numbering upwards of 80 instrumentalists and playing a variety of genres and grade levels. Repertoire includes traditional, contemporary and popular music.

Jazz Program

The WWVB has two Jazz ensembles. Members are placed into ensembles based on the needs of the ensembles and desire of the individual to grow as a jazz musician. Each spring the jazz groups perform a jazz-only concert.

Mill Creek Jazz Ensemble

The Mill Creek Jazz Ensemble consists of traditional jazz big band instrumentation. Genres include swing, funk, Latin, blues and rock.

Members are placed into the group based on instrumental sound characteristics, as the band works to achieve a balanced, blended sound. The advanced nature of the literature performed requires an additional dedication to practice and personal excellence. Occasional extra rehearsals are required for participation and the ensemble may travel a few times during the season.

Main Street Jazz Band

The Main Street Jazz Band is open to all musicians with an interest in playing jazz.  The instrumentation is based on a traditional jazz ensemble, but includes space for flutes, clarinets, horns, tubas and euphoniums. Genres include swing, funk, Latin, blues and rock.

Small Ensembles

Members are free to organize their own self-directed smaller groups, rehearsing on their own, with the possibility of performing from time to time. Such groups have included flute trio, clarinet choir, sax quartet and Dixieland combo.